About Me

Ko’nichiwa, Bonswa, Hello,

Allow me to introduce myself, my pen name is Eri E or E for short. I am a Haitian-American who loves anime and the Japanese culture more than anything. I really like to keep things short and simple. So instead of a paragraph, here’s an “About ME” list:

Pen Name: Eri E

Artist Name: eRiginal

Age/ DOB: 23- 6/21

From: USA

Blood Type: AB +

Zodiac Sign: Gemini/Cancer

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Photography, Reading, Watching Anime

Favorite Color: Honestly don’t have one

Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Favorite Manga: Ten Count


All and all, I’m just a simple otaku who is aspiring to be a webtoon artist/ writer in the near future. Now, it’s your turn ! Tell me a little bit about yourself by commenting below.

With so much love,

Eri E


  1. Hello Eri E! That’s so cool that you want to do a web toon. Any ideas for it? I Wish I Could draw, but I have no patience for it.

    I love fma brotherhood too, though I actually prefer the 2003 series over it. Two very different series. Currently enjoying the manga.

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    • HELLO! I am actually working on one right now. I have the story already complete. Just reteaching myself how to draw again LOL.
      You know, I actually have not read the manga yet. I need to thought. I will be adding that to my list of reads.

      It’s nice to meet you!

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