Eri E’s Top 5 Favorite Manga Series

Since we all got to know a little about ourselves, let start this of with a bang! Fun fact: I actually started reading manga, manhwa, and manhua a little over 9 months ago. You would think I would read before watching the adaptation of a manga, but I like to do things backwards. Anywho if you didn’t know the differences already, Manga is Japanese comics, Manhwa is Korean comics, and Manhua is Chinese comics. And I enjoy every single one of them.  I do want to let you know these manga series does contain mature content. So of course, viewers discretion has been advised. Oh! and there’s definitely some spoilers in here. Now later down the road this list could change, however, my top 5 favorite manga series are:

Escape Journey

5. Escape Journey

Japanese Name: エスケープジャーニー,  逃避之旅

Author’s & Artist Name: Ogeretsu Tanaka

Year released:  2015

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Mature, Yaoi

Latest chapters: 14

Status: Ongoing

Escape Journey is a manga that tells the story of a college student named Naoto who life was turned upside by an unannounced reunion. He was faced with his ex-boyfriend, Taichi,  who discredited the relationship they once had. But the new and improved Taichi has come forth, all while, the hatred Naoto had towards Taichi slowly starts to diminish. Both, Nato and Taichi, are great as friends but to put love into the mixture causes the relationship to come crashing down. And to make matters more complicated, their mutual friend Fumi has become interested in Taichi.

I actually loved how much this story was similar to my personal life. It show how the two male characters wanted nothing more than for each other to be happy. Even if they would end up sacrificing the fact of not being in each others lives anymore. This story was so pure and refreshing that I am actually upset I didn’t get to read it to the very end. That’s mainly because the rest of the translated English version has not been release yet, but I got to look at the raw version. And judging from that, it looks like the couple had a happy ending. (If you run across the rest of the translated English version, I would gladly appreciate it if you sent it my way.)

My favorite scene of this whole manga was when Naoto over heard Taichi rejecting Fumi because “He was in love with someone else.” That someone else was, of course, Naoto. Then, Naoto met up with Taichi and confessed that he wanted more than just being friends with Taichi. The way the artist created the emotions in that scene, it made me felt as if I was the one confessing my love to Taichi. It was so beautifully done. Also I was quite impressed with the line work in this manga. It was very clean and precise for a black and white artwork. I’ve read several manga series that were black and white but it was very smudged-looking. So I do appreciate the artist for taking their time in creating detailed work. I do recommend this manga to anyone who would like a light-heart comedy filled heartache, headache, and sex. You should definitely check this manga out if you have not already.

An Innocent Sin

4. An Innocent Sin

Korean Name: 순결한 죄

Author’s Name & Artist: Oh Gye

Year released: 2016

Genre: Drama, Mature

Latest chapters: 68

Status: Ongoing

An Innocent Sin is a manhwa that follows Nayeon, a 26-year-old women, who has a strange way of getting ‘excited‘.  Although she thought she was the last person on the train, the thought of other watching her truly does arouse her. Suddenly, she realize the reflect of someone else through the window. The mystery man comes up to her and offer her a safe haven to go to- Peach Puff. The thought of meeting this handsome mystery man once more triggered Nayeon to accept the offer. Now she is faced with a few obstacles to go through before speaking to this mystery man once more.

This manhwa is by far one of the best mature content I’ve read. I truly love how the writer keeps you on your toes at the end of each chapters. This writer definitely knows how to tell a drama filled story. In my opinion, if the writer has more story out somewhere let me know because the author is that amazing. I have not really read that many manhwa that has a heterosexual relationship where the male character was the one going through hardship. Now I must warn you, this story does contain a lot of BDSM as well as rape within it but I feel like there would not be a story without it. Those contents make the character become alive. It also shows you how each one of those characters overcome the obstacles ahead of them. I even love the fact that the authored included characters who were open-minded, tactful, and helpful.

The quality of the art is pretty well drawn as well. I appreciate the fact that the lines were clean, the content were colorful, and the fact that you can tell who was talking as well as who was thinking ( if that make sense ). My favorite chapter is where Nayeon and Noah finally has sex. And the way the writer wrote that scene was very poet. If you were to close your eyes and listen to the words as someone else reads that chapter to you, you would immediately know that they were have sex. Even with the word sex not ever being said to you. I really how this story has a happy ending. If you want a good read with a bunch of drama and sex scene, I recommend you give this manhwa a read. You will not be disappointed.


King's Maker

3. King’s Maker

Korean Name: 킹스메이커

Author’s & Artist Name: Haga, Kang Ji Young

Year released: 2017

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Shounen Ai

Latest chapters: 39

Status: Ongoing

King’s Maker is another manhwa that begins with the 4th prince of a kingdom who disappeared for 5 years ago. A series of events caused him to return back to the palace, but he continued to reject everything about this royal life. One day, he became interested in a catamite of the King who was very mysterious in his own way. Strangely enough, the prince starts to warm up to him as he learns the ways of the palace. The young boy who belongs to the King begins to see the very wild and stubborn young prince in a new light. He realize that the prince is the one he has been waiting to lead the rebellion. This prince is known as Wolfgang Goldenleonard.

Man, I just want to say this first. I have NEVER read a manhwa that made me felt so uncomfortable but intrigued that I wanted to continue reading it until the end. This is another manhwa that was well told. The writer was so detail-orientated that she or he could have told you who you were from the top of your head to the soles of you feet with just meeting you once. This story was all so well thought out that it made you feel like you were one of the residents who live in this kingdom and you wanted nothing more than to have the King perish. On the other hand, you have the art that was created for this story. And I tell you this, you will want to go read this solemnly for the art. You can tell they put in a lot of work in this manhwa. The panels were so skillfully drawn that it made you want to gaze at it for hours. I would know since I’ve done this COUNTLESS times (LOL). I admired the work so much that I would probably faint if I were to meet the artist behind the art.

My absolute favorite chapter actually has only 3 words. It is the chapter where Wolfgang sees Shin dash out of the King’s chamber as he has a queasy look on his face. Wolfgang then approaches him as he was concerned about his well-being. Shin told him what happened ,and without a thought, Wolfgang grabs Shin’s wrist as he leads him away for other people’s site. Without letting go, Wolfgang then attempts to show his true feelings towards Shin. Shin, of course, hesitates as he reminds Wolfgang that he belongs to the King by sliding his hand into the white glove. Wolfgang proceeds by removing that very same glove, entwine his hand with Shin’s, romantically embraced him, and finally marking his territory. It was as if his very thoughts were “You are mine.” And Shin mentally agreed, “I am Yours.” That chapter took my breath away. Every time I take a look at that chapter, tears starts to fill my eyes. It’s so mind-blowing how a whole chapter that had only 3 words was viewed as if there were more words within it.

I highly recommend this manhwa if you are like me who seeks stories that has great artwork and a story line to back it up.


2. Momentum

Korean Name: 모멘텀

Author’s & Artist Name: Park Ji-yeon

Year released: 2017

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Slice of life, Mature, Yaoi

Latest chapters: 57

Status: Ongoing

Momentum is the last manhwa on my list that follows a series of different couples life and experiences. These couples are now faced with learning how to love, understand, and forgive one another as well as others as they go through ups and downs.

Look, I’m pretty sure most of you guys have read poetry before, right? So, I’m pretty sure you remember the poem you read that took you on an emotional roller-coaster as well, right? Well, this manhwa right here will give you the same result. I’ve never read a manhwa that was so poetically done. It felt so eccentric, sensual, heart-wrenching, heart-racing, etc. If that was the author’s goal, they definitely achieved it. The artwork as well gave you a poetic feel to it. The best way I can describe it: Imagine a river and how calm it flows.  In my opinion,rivers are just very appealing to look at when you’re lost in thought. This manhwa gives you that same effect. You have to read it to definitely know what I mean by that.

I love how the author gave you a glimpse of not only one but several couples’ love story. The author also infused these very same couple within each other stories. For example, Diego is friends with Misha. And we actually do get a glimpse into Diego’s love story.  Actually, my favorite couple is Misha and Ilya. Even though Misha was introduce earlier in the story with another man, the Misha and Ilya story is about how Misha become who he is now. That story broke my heart. I recommend this story if you really do want good read. Just be prepared for the emotional roller-coaster that comes with it.


Ten Count

1. Ten Count

Japanese Name: テンカウント , 宝井理人

Author’s & Artist Name:  Takarai Rihito

Year released: 2013

Genre: Drama, Romance, Mature, Yaoi

Latest chapters: 48

Status: Completed

Ten Count starts with a Mysophic individual named Shirotani Tadaomi who works for President Touzawa as his secretary. An accident occurred, involving the president, caused Shirotani to meet a man who he really did not have no interest in. Kurose immediately was able to tell that Shirotani had a phobia. He even advised for him to go seek medical help which left Shirotani with an unsettled feeling.  Little did he knew how much of a help Kurose would be to him later on.

Man, oh man! This manga right here! I’m going to say this now. You have to go read this if you have not done so already. And if you have, go read it again. It was that amazing. This was a story of a man who had to overcome his fear of germs with the help of a psychiatrist. What caused that fear of germs was a childhood trauma. Now, as Shirotani is trying to overcome this fear, he ends up falling in love. With his psychiatrist. Who is a man. I’m putting so much emphasize on this because he was scarred by a girl who was older than him causing the phobia he has currently. With this manga, there were a lot of twist and turns as the author was trying to depict how a person with a phobia falls in love. The author did pretty well creating the imagery with just the words. This was another manga where the artwork was very clean and did not look muddy while reading. You could tell which character was who. You can also tell which character was speaking at that moment.

Here’s another thing I want to point out. One emotion that would best describe this magna would be anxiety. It literally gave me an anxiety attack because I could feel Shirotani’s pain as he is trying his hardest to overcome this fear. And not only that, he ends up pushing away the person he loves because he didn’t want to feel that disgusting feeling he got as a kid. At that point, he didn’t even realize it was love until later. So he is literally fighting the emotion battle within himself as well as the phobia that came along with it. Actually, my favorite scene is when Shirotani and Kurose got stuck in the elevator. Shirotani starts to panic. He seeks for help through Kurose. But Kurose refuses. That put Shirotani in a very difficult spot.

Now go read this manga to find out what happens next. I promise at the end of this manga, you will truly enjoy the read. So, go now!


So, this concludes my top 5 favorite manga series. Wow, It’s crazy how I had to sit there and think about this list. I never thought it would be this difficult. Again, this list could change, however, I was glad I was able to tell you my current top 5’s. Now it’s your turn. What are your top 5 favorites? And why? Go ahead and leave a comment below !

Until next time,

Eri E, the Otaku

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