Review: Deathtopia & DEAD Tube



Japanese Name: デストピア

Author’s & Artist Name: Yamada Yoshinobu

Year released:  2014

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Seinen, Supernatural

Latest chapters: 66

Status: Completed

Kou Fujimara suffered a tragic accident that caused him to lose sight in both eyes. Miraculously, Fujimara survived after undergoing surgery to save his eyes. But, a turn of events causes his life to change drastically! Fujimara now has a woman wanting his new ability he gained – extra-sensory perception.

Deathtopia was an amazing read. I love how the plot thickens as you get deeper into the chapters. The author did a great job with story line. Artwork was very clean and detail-orientated. You could really tell how each character’s personalities by just looking at the art. More importantly, I love how the main character was determined to help others even if it means sacrificing his self. The 3 sub-main characters were badass too! They could not have created a better team.

Lastly, My favorite part of this manga was when the main character’s family was not his actual family. Those people were there to protect the main character by any means necessary.  And at the same time, the main character finds out that these same people died. They were the only family he knew. I mean how would you feel? l know for certain, he felt angry, confused, hurt, & betrayed. l would be too if l found out that the family I live with is not my family and they’re dead. I truly felt his pain. In my opinion, Deathtopia is a great manga series to add to your collection of must read.


Dead Tube.png


Japanese Name: 学院里的杀人游戏

Author’s & Artist Name: Yamaguchi Mikoto, Kitakawa Touta

Year released:  2014

Genre: Ecchi, Shounen, Horror, Mystery

Latest chapters: 39

Status: Ongoing

Tomohiro Machiya, a Film Research Club member, was approached by a school idol. Mai Mashiro asked Tomohiro to film her swimming. After he completed the task, he was asked by her again to film everything she does in the next two days. Hoping to see something interesting, he agrees. At first everything seemed normal until Mai was about to have sex with her boyfriend. Suddenly, she brutally killed her boyfriend. And what Tomohiro did while this happening? He continues to film. He later finds out her purpose of killing her boyfriend; she uploads these types of videos for the views and reward money. But there’s a catch: the person who uploads content that does not gather enough views would have to pay for the expenses and crimes of all the other participants. This platform is called “Death Tube”. Now Tomohiro is forced to team up with Mai all while trying to figure out who he really is and what his true feelings towards Mai.

First of, Let talk about what in the world went down in the authors’ mind. How could one even come up with a manga so sinister. The plot in this manga is by far one of the most disgusting ones I’ve read. But I mean that in a good way. Even though the way the story was told which were a combination of side stories, the manga all together transition very well. And the art! Jeez! It was incredibly gruesome. I love how detailed the lines and coloring were for the killings. Also, how clean the panels were; for example, I’ve read some manga series where l felt like a panel was missing when it would jump from one scene to a totally different scene. It just sometimes didn’t make sense. So I appreciate the artist for creating smooth scene in this manga.

Finally, my favorite part of this manga series was the chapter where the main character only sister was in danger. He had to rely on Mai to help with saving her. The way Mai was on the verge of dying yet Tomohiro’s words kept her alive was quite impressive. They kind of had masochist – sadist relationship. It was very weird but entertaining to read.  I loved it! I’m upset that there is only 39 chapters in English. I’m not sure if the series is completed and if  it is just not all translated in English, but I really wish l could finish this series. All and all, I recommend this manga to be added to your collection as well. You will not regret it.


Thanks for reading! Until next review,

Eri E, the Otaku

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