Review: Delicious & Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?



Korean Name: 맛있은

Author’s & Artist Name: Minshow

Year released:  2017

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Latest chapters: 29

Status: Ongoing

A well-known food columnist, Shin Chaekyung, is loved by many for one reason- his delicious dishes. Even though he is a vegetarian, his dishes are said to be absolutely amazing that it makes one’s taste buds sing. Absolutely everyone wants to know his secret. But, the only way to find out is if this introvert chef invites you to dinner.

At first, I honestly did not want to read this. The artwork was not appealing to me, but you know the saying “Never judge a book by its cover, right? ” Well, that was exactly what I did. Man, did I regret not reading this sooner. The author has a very creative mind. I mean, seriously, to come up with a plot where a vegetarian chef eats his guest for dinner is truly amazing. And to make matters more interesting, he feeds his guests human meat first. No wonder It won 1st place in the Lezhin COMICS comic contest. Even though it took a few chapters to have a serious climatic moment, I really am look forward to the outcome of this story. I even grew to enjoy the artist’s style of work. I like how the artist had include splashes of color to the black and white manhwa. It made the manhwa become more alive.

My favorite chapter so far is where the main character shows his true form. He pretty much invites over a woman, who was obsessed with him, for dinner. You would think he’s doing this because he has a thing for her, right? No! He first feeds her, asks her to accompany him during a car ride, drugs her, and finally butcher her. Look, I don’t know about you, but I seriously didn’t see that coming. With that being said, I suggest you go pick up your phone, logon to Lezhin COMICS website, and start reading this manhwa to found out more.


Why Did Men Stop Wearing High Heels?

Korean Name: 그 남자의 하이힐

Author’s & Artist Name: Jimmy Kim

Year released:  2016

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Latest chapters: 62

Status: Completed

Ever met a salary man who has a peculiar hobby? Well, you should meet Kim Manseok. He’s your average, hardworking, law-abiding salary man who has a hobby writing a blog. This blog is very popular amongst the ladies and has a very large viewing in the online world. What type of blog is it? Well, It’s about his infatuation with high-end high heels. In order to not have his reputation ruin, Kim keeps this a secret. Until one day, an event happened and now his reputations on the line. The only way out of this is if he agrees with the ‘devil’s’ proposal.

When l first saw this manhwa, I actually wanted to know what the answer was to the questioned title. And how it fell in the romance genre. So I went ahead and read it of course. I have to say it was quite refreshing to read. It really was not what I expected. The author really threw me off because I thought this was going to be a BL type of manhwa but it wasnt. It was literally was about a straight men who became so intrigued with high heels after his girlfriend left him. The only memento he had of hers were one of her high-end high heels. To me, Kim holding onto the shoes showed how this man was trying to get over how things ended with this woman. Yet, the only thing that made him felt good were those heels she left behind. I don’t want to get in-depth with the details about this since I really don’t want to ruin the story for you. But I really enjoyed how often the author would trick you into thinking something intense was going to happen but at the end it didn’t. I also enjoyed how I was able to learn the history of shoes and its making. It was quite educational for a web comic. This story was really a great story. I’m not kidding when I say I could not put my phone down while reading this.

My favorite part was how his younger sibling forgave him. The reason why she was upset towards him was because she couldn’t accept herself. He eventually showed her that what he does is something that makes him happy and if he is okay with accepting his self, then she should accept him too. At first he did not know that she was actually feeling this sense of hatred towards him because she was not happy with herself. But he soon realize that once everything was revealed. During the apologies, it made her realize what she did by shunning her brother was wrong and not being able to accept who she truly is was wrong as well. It was kind of ‘why accept the norm?’ or ‘learn how to love yourself’ type of feel I was getting when reading that chapter. Again it was quite refreshing to read. I really do recommend this manhwa.


Thanks for reading. Until next time,

Eri E, the Otaku

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