Review: His Barcode Tattoo & The Time We Have


His Barcode Tattoo

Author’s & Artist Name: Ivy Song & Wishroomness

Year released:  2017

Genre: Romance

Latest chapters: 20

Status: Ongoing

Dakota Minhee Park is a shy and quiet college freshman with a secret. She’s not sure how but everyone around her has ‘bar code tattoos’ that shows the exact date of when and where they will die. But on the first day of her entering college, she met someone who did not have the tattoo – her roommate. Now she’s even more confused than ever as she’s trying to figure out why her roommate is the only one without the tattoo as well as why she’s the only one with this ability.

Bar code Tattoo is a really ‘cute’ story. It’s a well though out plot that makes you want to know what is going to happen next. The climax of the story is quite intense too since we don’t really know whether the main character will live through this. I love the artwork. It is very clean and detailed. I can tell that artist took their time with this. So far, I really did enjoy what I’ve read. I see that this story has an amazing development that will enfold as the author continues to tell us more. I’m truly looking toward to seeing if this will end well.

My favorite scene is where the roommate and the main character kiss. Why? Well, that’s because it was done in the rain. Plus, the fact that the roommate remember that and execute it so effortlessly made me want to be kissed in the rain. It was so romantic! (LOL) I suggest that you go read this as well to see why I enjoyed this scene so much.



The Time We Have

Author’s & Artist Name: Raehyun Song & Jongkyu Lee

Year released:  2018

Genre: Romance

Latest chapters: 19

Status: Ongoing

Ian Chae and Sarae Ko, who met in college, instantly fell in love. They started dating, married, and enjoy their lives just like every other couple. Then suddenly, on the day of their anniversary, a tragedy happened causing Sarae to die. Poor Ian was completely heartbroken and distraught. He didn’t want to live life anymore but he continues to push through for the sake of his deceased wife. Then, one day, he was completely thrown off course. He saw his wife again. In person. But there’s one thing; She’s a high school student now.

The Time We Have is truly a beautiful story. So far, I really like the concept that the author came up with. It really got me thinking for the answer to this question: “What would I do if my loved one came back from the dead but is now the younger version of themselves?” I honestly don’t know. I would be to emotionally distraught to even think straight in that situation. Can you imagine being able to hold that person, kiss that person, and start all over with this person once more. That feeling would be amazing! But then again, there is that fear that still lingers. What if that person does not fall for you this time? What if the reason why they died in the first place was because you were in their life? I wouldn’t be able to bear the pain. This story really had me in deep thought.  Again, the story line is a great concept that the author came up with. I’m looking forward to the ending.

My favorite scene is when the main character was having a flashback of the time he had with his wife. The memories were triggered by the student’s stubbornness. He realized there that the student was in fact his wife in ever way possible. It just shows how much he really misses his wife. I really can’t wait until the ending. Go and read this to find out the ending with me!


Tahnks for reading! Until next time,

Eri E,the Otaku

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