Review: LUMINE & Sweet Home



Author’s & Artist Name: Emma Krogell

Year released:  2017

Genre: Drama

Latest chapters: 34

Status: Ongoing

A runaway werewolf was hired to the bodyguard of a young, lonely warlock all while attempting to hid his true identity. Yet, The warlock’s father true intentions were revealed when Lumine failed as a bodyguard. Now Lumine is trying his hardest to gain the trust and friendship of the young warlock who keeps pushing him away. But a ton of unfortunate events caused the situation to become harder between them. Will they eventually be friends?

Lumine is a great story for first time manga readers. It definitely has a lot of drama that you wouldn’t expect from a story about witches and werewolves. l don’t know how this story is going to end since it’s ongoing, but so far, I’m loving it. The only thing I must say is that the artwork is a bit rushed . However, I’m assuming that the author is a very busy person and the request for more chapters is high . Therefore, the author is working quickly to please the viewers. That can easily be overlooked though. Why? Well because it’s an amazing friendship story.

My favorite chapter is where the author tells the story of how Kody ,the young warlock, became the person he is today. It was very depressing to see how such a young boy was tormented for being weak. It goes to show how cruel people are to others who has no control on being they way they are. From reading that chapter, l finally understood why he would not allow himself to trust anyone. At the end, This manga is a must read if you enjoy a good friendship story.



 Sweet Home

Author’s & Artist Name: Youngchan Hwang & Carnby Kim

Year released:  2018

Genre: Thriller

Latest chapters: 11

Status: Ongoing

A high school student’s world was suddenly turned upside down. Due to an unfortunate accident, he lost his entire family. Now he is forced to live on his own in a run down apartment complex. Little does he know that his life is going to become event more complicated.

I do want to say one thing first: I am not a big ‘thriller, horror, or anything that’s similar to those genre’ fan. I don’t really like to get scared, but this manga has kind of open my eyes more towards that type of genre. So far the story line is quite intriguing. it draws you in immediately in the first chapter. And every chapter after that makes you not want to put your phone down nor move away from the computer. l feel as if Im watching an anime as Im reading this. The artwork was very well drawn. I would love to meet the artist just to ask “How in the world were you able to imagine the characters/scenes, sit there to draw it , and not get scared of these characters?”

The chapter that literally made put my phone down and then walk away from it was when the main character went to retrieve his package. Now he finds his package open the trail of what he order leading to his next door neighbor’s apartment. The main character decided to go and check on the neighbor but ended up being introduced to a loud crunching noise. Whatever that “thing” was reached out it’s hand and grab the item it spit out. it was they neighbor’s cat’s collar and what that “thing” was chomping on was the neighbor’s cat. The reason why that creep me out was because I was not expecting that. Judging from the title, I thought it was going to be a horror about a teenage who kills others that steps into his home. Boy was I completely wrong (LOL). I really looking forward to the outcome of this manhwa. If you have not done so already, start reading ASAP!

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