Eri E’s Top 5 Favorite Anime Series

Since you all now know my favorite manga series, why not know my favorite anime series as well. When I was younger, I always enjoyed anime. It was my way of escaping reality. I enjoyed it even more since I have a one-sided relationship with art. So anime always held a special place in my heart, even now as an adult. Now I bet you all are wondering what are my favorite anime series to watch were? Well, here’s your answer. And I must warn you now, there is some spoilers. My top 5 favorite anime series of all time are:


5. Durarara!!

Japanese name: デュラ

Manga: Yes

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 24 episodes , Season 2 / 12 episodes, Season 3 / 12 episodes, Season 4 / 12 episodes

OVA / Movies: 5 OVA

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural

Durarara!! tells a story through several people’s perspective who all ends up being impacted by a Dullahan. Celty Sturluson is known as the Headless Rider, who works as an underworld delivery carrier, now has a bounty on her by some mysterious person. What once was a quiet city is now being taken over by gangs who wants the large amount of money that was placed on Celty’s head. This story unfolds with 11 main character each having their lives intersect with one another. There is a specific order to watch the anime which is: Durarara!!, Durarara!! x2 Shou, Durarara!! x2 Ten, and Durarara!! x2 Ketsu.

When I first watched this anime, I almost did not continue watching it. I normally give an anime three episodes to proved to me if it’s worth watching. After watching episode 3 of Durarara!!, my first though was ” This is boring. It’s not making any sense. The graphic is pretty well executed at least.” However, I kept watching it because I really wanted to know when and how will this story pick up. So I continued watching it and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. It took until episode six for it to finally make sense to me. And I understood then why they created the story line like that. I really did appreciate the writer for creating a story that was seen through different people’s perceptive. My absolute favorite part was between the two best friends finding out they were each others rivals. It make sense once you watch this anime. I recommend this anime if you are into supernatural mysteries that is action packed with memorable characters.



4. The Future Diary

Japanese name: 未来日記, Mirai Nikki

Manga: Yes

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 26 episodes

OVA / Movies: 1 OVA

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller, Shounen

The Future Diary begins with a high school student name Yukiteru Amano, “Yuki”, who only friend is his cellphone. He spends his days using his cellphone as a diary and having conversations with who he assumed were imaginary beings. Soon, these imaginary beings revealed that they were indeed an actual God and it’s servant. The God of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, granted Yuki’s cellphone the ability to see into the future of random events. What seem to be a sweet deal had turned into a bloody battle between eleven other contestants who has similar yet different “future diaries.” The last one standing gets to be the new God of time and space.

My first though while watching this anime was “That escalated quickly.” The first two episodes immediately reeled me in as it took me on an roller coaster filled with anixety. Of course, I was not ready for it. My favorite scene was when Yuki goes and try to save the girl he eventually falls in love with, however, she ends up killing herself in his arms. For some old reason, I honestly thought this was going to be some type of mystery romance with a happy ending. It turned out to be by far one of the most gruesome anime I’ve watched. The graphics were well thought out especially the bloody parts. The reason why I’m emphasizing on that is because I’ve watched other animes where they were afraid to show the blood. Which, for me, is essential for an anime that is a thriller. Now don’t get me wrong, there is some sort of love story going on in this anime but it is not what you would expect. I do recommend this anime to everyone even the basic anime watchers who don’t care too much for thrillers. This anime has to be on your list of animes to watch.



3. Bleach

Japanese name: BLEACH – ブリーチ –

Manga: Yes

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 366 episodes

OVA / Movies: 4 Movies

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Super Power, Shounen

Bleach is about another high school student named Ichigo Kurosaki who family was in dangerous. One night, Ichigo’s family was attacked by a corrupted soul known as a Hollow. He soon then meet a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki who ends up getting hurt while trying to save his family. She offers him her powers to save his family from the Hollow in which Ichigo accepts. Her powers were suppose to be temporarily transferred over to him, however, Rukia was unable to regain her powers back. Now he is trusted with the duties of a Soul Reaper which is to protect the city from these Hollows. Surprisingly, he was not alone in this. His friends who later finds out about their power fight alongside with him.

Honestly, there is too many thoughts I have about this anime. But I can tell you this much, BLEACH WAS AWESOME! I kid you not, I did not like this anime when I first watched it. Mind you, I was 15 years old and knew very little about anime. I remember my brothers telling me to watch Bleach because it was so good; so, I took them up on their offer and watched three episodes. I immediately disapproved. I told myself that this was boring. Oh! How I regretted it. I never though I was going to end up watching all 366 episodes when I became an adult. But I definitely did while I was pregnant and on bed rest with my son.  This anime almost put me into labor. I literally kept getting contractions as I watched ever scene of Ichigo getting hurt, worrying if he was okay, and crying when he died. I don’t know if it was the hormone or what, but my child was almost named Ichigo (LOL). That was how good the anime was. My ABSOLUTE favorite scene is when Ichigo was fighting Espada number 4. Number 4 ends up killing Ichigo, however, Ichigo came back as a BADASS FUCKING HOLLOW!

Okay, okay, I understand there is 366 episodes but I promise you every single episodes is well worth it. I highly recommend this anime for those who truly enjoy action, who truly enjoy a well detailed story lines, and those are just getting into watching anime.



2. Tokyo Ghoul

Japanese name: 東京喰種, トーキョーグール-

Manga: Yes

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 12 episodes, Season 2 / 12 episodes, Season 3 / episodes are TBA

OVA / Movie(s): 2 OVA / 1 Movie

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural, Drama

Tokyo Ghoul follows a shy college student who life turned upside down when he met a women named Rize Kamishiro. Ken Kaneki was thrown into the ghoul world when Rize attempted to make a meal out of him as she sunk her teeth into him. Though, Ken Kaneki thought he was done for, he woke up in a hospital bed disoriented. He later finds out that he became one of them as he could not stomach anything that he use to eat when he was only a human. In twisted fate, he meets the waitress who was there on the day of his date and soon finds out that she is also a ghoul. Now he has to figure out his place in both the human world and ghoul world. There is a specific order you have to watch the anime in, which is, Tokyo Ghoul, and then, Tokyo Ghoul √A.

The moment I was introduced to this anime, I did not stop watching. I literally forgot all my duties as an adult and binge watched this anime til the end. Tokyo Ghoul is by far one of the best anime I have ever laid my eyes on. All the emotion that they were trying to depict in this anime was translated beautifully. Every single time I talk about this anime, I become speechless. Yet, I will let you know now, I’ve watched this anime three times. And I still get chills when Ken Kaneki is fighting his inner self who wants him to acknowledge the fact that he is indeed a ghoul. This is all happening while he is being brutally tormented by another ghoul named Jason. Finally, Ken Kaneki accepts the fact that he is a ghoul and devours Jason.

If you not have not watched this yet, please do so! Season 3 is actually being aired this year in Spring. The expected aired date is April 3rd, 2018. Mark your calendars! I highly recommend this anime to EVERYONE since it was also an anime that taught me a lot of life lessons. I know what your thinking – a human flesh-eating anime that teaches life lessons? Never thought you would see the day, huh? Well, I’m telling you personally that this anime did changed how I view life. It showed me it’s okay to have others who are willing to help you when you need it the most. So, if there was ever a moment where you need advice reach out to Ken Kaneki.



1. Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood

Japanese name: 鋼の錬金術師 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST

Manga: Yes

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 64 episodes

OVA / Movie(s): 4 OVA / 1 Movie

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Action, Adventure, Military, Comedy, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood starts with two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who wanted nothing more than to be closer to their father. Their father is an alchemist that left without a reason at all. They taught themselves alchemy to be closer to their father. But a turn of event happen that completely destroy their hearts. The only family that they both had, their mother, died. Now that they are faced with the agony of wanting their mother back, they ended up commit the ultimate sin in alchemy – Human transmutation. During the failed transmutation of their mother, Edward lost his left leg and his brother to seeing the truth. He became desperate and perform the transmutation again but this time he gave his right arm for just his brother’s soul which is now bounded to a suit of armor. Now the two brothers are on a journey to get their bodies back.

Before I get started, I want to make this clear, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an alternate version of Fullmetal Alchemist. I know some people personally who got the stories mixed up by infusing both stories since they only watched clips of on Adult Swim. Anyways, the Brotherhood version was well thought out. I ensure you there is way more action, heartbreak, and drama in Brotherhood. This is by far my most favorite anime in the world. I literally watched all the movies, all the OVA and also the alternative version. I actually watched the alternative first since I was introduced to it by Adult Swim. At one point, I did like the Fullmetal Alchemist version, but once they came out with the Brotherhood version, I was completely captivated. If you are curious as to watching the two and comparing it, I advise to watch Fullmetal Alchemist first and its movie (Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa). Then proceed in watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


Now back to the review.

My favorite scene is when they are battling Father in order to stop him from creating another stone. That was visually pleasing to the eyes. I can watch that scene over and over again. I definitely recommend this anime to everyone as well since it is another anime that taught me a life lesson. My favorite verse in this anime is ” In order for something to be obtained, something of equal value must be lost. That is the law of Equivalent Exchange.” I hold that very dear to my heart since the way it means to me that “you will struggle in order to meet your goals in life.”


I have to say this was actually hard for an Otaku like me since I have a lot of favorite anime series. But I am glad that I am able to share my thoughts about my top 5 favorite anime series of all time. Now it’s your turn. What are your top 5 favorites? And why? I would love to know, so leave a comment below !

Until next time,

Eri E, the Otaku



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