Top 5 Mystery Anime Series

To some, mysteries are usually exciting to watch. Believe it or not, mystery is actually my least favorite genre. However, I grew to like it once I start watching anime in that genre. That feeling of excitement, anticipation, & anxiety are great feelings once you found out the outcome of the mystery.

Below are some anime series that I feel like best represented this genre.




Japanese name: 氷菓

Manga: No, but this is adapted from a Novel

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 22 episodes

OVA / Movies: 1 OVA

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Mystery, Slice of life, School

A high school student who loves to conserve his energy get forced into joining a club on behalf of his sister. Houtarou Oreki is now in the Classic Club in order to keep it alive. Along with a few other members, they realized how deep this club’s history really is. Now Oreki is dragged into an unsolved mystery that made the 45-year-old club what it is today.

Oreki has some serious talent. If he does not have a career in mind, I would suggest to him that he needs to become a Private Investigator. Even though he does not like being told something like that (LOL). In the whole anime, he solved about six mysteries. There were some mysteries that were solved immediately. But my favorite mystery was the one about, one of the classic club members, Eru’s Uncle. I guess she was so amazed on how Oreki solved mysteries so well. So, of course, she ask him to solve this case for her. And, It’s really cute how he never refuses. I have a feeling that he had a unrealized crush on her. Who knows (LOL). All and all, I do recommend this anime for those who enjoy solving mysteries with the main characters or watching how the main characters goes about solving them.




Japanese name: 僕だけがいない街, Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Manga: Yes

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 12 episodes

OVA / Movies: 1 Movie (Live Action)

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Physiological, Seinen

Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old manga artist, appears to hold a power which he calls “Revival”. The power allows him to be sent back a few minutes into the future. Yet, this only happens before an accident.  Now, Fujinuma is forced to solve the murder of his mother all while being sent back into the past. He soon realizes why he was sent back to the year 1988 and how he is able to make both the past and the current time right.

This story was definitely a great one. A type of anime to keep you on your feet, It had danger, curiosity, heroism, and courage all jam-packed into it. It’s crazy how the author deliberately told you from the beginning who was the culprit of his mother’s death, but the main character did not catch on. I mean I’m assuming the author wrote the story like that to show you how oblivious one could be when solving something so simply. So I somewhat understand where the author is coming from. However, I still kinda wanted the surprise at the end. It would have been a better ending. Don’t get me wrong either, the ending was very beautiful and cunning at the same time. But, I really felt like the ending would have been 10x better If the culprit was not revealed to us early on. All and all, I really enjoyed how well the author executed this story. I do recommend this anime to everyone who loves a drama-filled mystery.



Hamatora The Animation

Japanese name: ハマトラ THE ANIMATION

Manga: No

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 12 episodes , Season 2 / 12 episodes

OVA / Movies: 1 Movie

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Mystery, Action, Comedy , Super Power

In a world where some human beings manifest special supernatural abilities called “Minimum”. These selected few are known as “Minimum Holders”.  Those who are holders of these powers uses their power for evil but there are some who uses it for good. Nice and his partner in crime, Murasaki, are private investigators who takes on the responsibility of solving cases using their “Minimum” powers. Of course, they are not alone; their co-workers works alongside with them in a cafe called “Nowhere”. All of a sudden, a job that both Nice and Murasaki took has a very weird connection to Art’s, police officer and friend, serial killer case. The serial killer seems to have a thing against “Minimum Holders”. Now, Nice and Murasaki are determined to solve this case by any means necessary.

I love how this anime had a lot of unexpected turn of events. I honestly didn’t see half of these such events happening before it happen. This is definitely an anime that was unpredictable. I also enjoyed the fact that there were a lot of loyalty, trust, and camaraderie in this anime. The author really did justice when It came to showcasing these aspects. My favorite part was when one of the coworkers when missing and Nice showed how he was not going to give up on finding her. That emotion translated so well to me. I highly recommend this anime to those who loves action packed mysteries.



Death Parade

Japanese name: デス・パレード

Manga: No

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 12 episodes

OVA / Movies: 1 OVA

Subbed / Dubbed: Both Sub and Dub

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Game, Thriller, Drama

Imagine coming out of an elevator confused. You realize that you are in an unfamiliar bar in which you don’t remember coming to. You also see someone you know or a stranger in the same situation you’re in. Like anyone would, you question the bartender, yet he gives you no answer. He only ask that you both play a game. Then, everything will be revealed. If you refuse, you will perish. Now you are forced to play a game with your lives on the line. Slowly but surely, the reason why you’re at this bar starts to revealed. And finally, you realize you’re dead. There is no heaven nor hell. Just the bar that determines whether you are suited to be reincarnated or obliterated.

This anime was intense from episode 1. It’s not your ordinary ‘try to solve a case by having clues given to you’ mystery. This anime shows how people who have their hands tied (not in literal terms) would do anything to set themselves free. And when they get the end result (death), it’s not what they expected. They become violent, depressed, disappointed, distraught etc. If what the author intended to do, which is to rile up the viewers’ emotions, then the author was on the right path. They executed this anime flawlessly. I wish this was an ongoing anime. l highly recommend this to anyone but be prepared for all your emotions hitting all at once.


Zetsuen No Tempest

Blast of Tempest

Japanese name: 絶園のテンペスト, Zetsuen no Tempest

Manga: Yes

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 24 episodes

OVA / Movies: None

Subbed / Dubbed: Only Sub

Genre: Mystery, Magic, Action, Psychological, Fantasy, Drama, Shounen

Two best friends lose someone who they loved more than anything. Little do they know, they both lost same person. Yoshino Takigawa was secretly dating Mahiro’s little sister. Suddenly, Mahiro’s little sister, Aika, was mysteriously murdered and Mahiro vowed that he will avenge his sister. Mahiro disappears while Yoshiro continues to live a normal life. But, Yoshino life turned upside down when a strange women held him at gunpoint. His best friend, who he has not seen for over a month, suddenly appears and saves Yoshino. Mahiro, then, reveals that he found help for his sister’s murder case. A witch who possess the power of the tree of Genesis, Hakare Kusaribe, vowed to help Mahiro; but here’s the catch: she is trapped on a deserted island all while her brother is currently trying to destroy the world by using the powers of another entity called the tree of Exodus. Now it’s up to Mahiro and Yoshino to save the world while solving the death of their beloved.

This anime has the thickest plot I’ve ever watched. I mean this all started with trying to find out who killed the girlfriend/sister. Yet, in order to find the answer to that, you have to save the world. That author is a pure genius! And the fact that you end up not expecting the person who killed the sister to be that person, It was an amazing story line. I never had an anime that made me want to yell at the screen in such excitement. And to think that this was all based on two plays by Shakespeare , Hamlet and The Tempest, It was absolutely well thought for an amine. This anime is a MUST to watch!


With that being said, If you ever need mystery anime series to watch, I advise to start of with these. Of course there’s a lot more pretty good mystery anime but I’ll save that for another time. These few are definitely a must watch if you have not done so already.

Hope you enjoyed!

Eri E, the Otaku


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