Eri E’s Top 10 Favorite Characters

Welcome back! I was a bit curious as to who were you guys favorite anime characters. So I decided to share my top ten with you all. Therefore, below are my top 10 favorite anime characters:




10. Nelliel

The former Espada number 3 starts off my list since she is indeed my least favorite from this list. However, she made it to the list. The reason behind that is because she was truly genuine to herself and others. When she is her child-like form, she is so over the top and annoying. But once she is in her adult form, she is absolutely different. She is very level-headed, intelligent, head-strong, etc. Plus, she’s so beautiful!


9. Tatsumi

A member of the Night Raid, Tatsumi has made the list due to his sense of morality and courageous-ness. All he ever wanted were for the people of the Kingdom to be fair. He was friendly, loyal, kind, and generous. I really was surprise when he died at the end. It broke my heart since it was the first time I’ve watched an anime where they killed off the main character. I really wanted to see his happy ending.


8. Koro-sensei

The home room teacher of Class 3-E, Koro-sensei was quirky, clumsy, funny, caring, and smart. But, if you get on his bad side, his former assassin self shows itself. I love his background story and when he finally died by the hands of his students, I cried. I did the roll call with them. It was by far one of the saddest scene I’ve ever seen.



This beautiful Russian man caused me fall in love with ice-skating. The way he oozes with charisma & sensuality can not be done by anyone else. He’s a free-spirited and forgetful but loves people very hard. I love how caring he is even through he doesn’t know how to handle sensitive situations. And above all, I love watching him skate. It’s so beautiful and relaxing to watch. I can’t wait until the movie! Hoping for season 2 as well.


6. Soul

A Demon Scythe, who’s a student at DWMA, has a laid-back and nonchalant personality. I like how he always try to have that ‘cool’ vibe yet always looses his coolness for food, souls, and big-breasted women. He is a very loyal person. I love his relationship with his meister. They are always arguing yet understands & works with each other very well. I love the part where his soul was going to be consumed by some demon. But he overcome that with the help of Maka, his meister.


5. Yato

The former God of Calamity, War, and Depravity, Yato has a child-like personality. He’s funny, playful, brave, and caring. He always put others before himself. I know how much he wants to be a well-known God so he’s trying his hardest to not be forgotten. I really hope he is able to achieve that goal. I wish there were more seasons. I would love to see those crystal blue eyes again.


4. Rin

A fraternal twin and the son of Satan, this hot-head half-demon made it to number four on my list for many reasons. One of those reasons is his sense of wanting to feel like he belong. Every where he has gone, every one sees him as a bad person since it’s hard for him to keep his composure. But, in reality, he has a big heart. He just wants to be loved. I want to give him a hug and tell him it’s okay. I need another season!


3. Tomoe

Toooommmooooeee!!! This fox demon is by far one of the most good-looking demon I’ve ever laid my eyes on. He’s such a mean person at first but once you get to know him, he softens up. I absolutely adore how much he loves Nanami. Even though he vow to never love a human, he eventually accepts Nanami’s love and it became so pure. Ugh! I need to watch the anime again.


2. Edward Elric

The short-tempered golden-eyed alchemist is my second favorite character. Surprising, isn’t it? You would think he is my first since FMA: Brotherhood is my all time favorite anime series. But No, he has made it to number 2. He’s a hot-head who doesn’t listen to no one but himself. He’s selfish for very reasonable reasons. He’s all about family since the only family he has is bound to a suit of armor. And his loyalty to others is very admirable. l truly love his personality.

Ken Kaneki

1. Ken Kaneki

Last but not least, the shy half human half ghoul college student , the one-eye king , and the love of my life has made it to my number 1 on my list of favorite anime characters. I love Ken Kaneki so much, I’m on the verge of crying as the season 3 premiere slowly approaches. It was inspiring watching him go from a weak-minded individual who always need a push of courage to do something to a strong-willed & loyal person. It amazed me how he had the ability to carry the ‘burden’ of two well-known ghouls. And how he would stay true to his self and others even when he loses himself. He is truly an inspiration.


Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite anime characters? Leave a comment below!

Untik next time,

Eri E, the Otaku


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