Recommendation: 1/2 Cigarettes


half cigrattes

1\2 Cigarette

Japanese Name:  1/2シガレッ

Author’s & Artist Name: Kayama Aori

Year released:  2015

Genre: Slice of Life, Yaoi, Romance

Latest chapters: 6

Status: Completed

Akihito is your average salary man who works under a mean, high-maintenance manager. Despite how the manager acts towards him, Akihito does not allow his attitude to bother him. Suddenly, Akihito saw his manager in a new light. A sight he was not expecting to see. Akihito went to him brother’s home to give him the rest of the sake their father sent him. Once he got there, his brother was home. With his manager. Having sex in front of the doorway. Now his interest towards his manager grew unexpectedly.

1/2 Cigarette was quite interesting. I was not expecting it to be a story where one brother was dating someone first; but once the relationship ended, the other brother becomes interested. It was a strange concept yet I did enjoyed the story. I was rooting for Akihito ( the younger brother). I honestly feels as if the manager was interested in Akihito first. He just did not want to cross the line of manager – subordinate, therefore, he settled for the other brother that he so happened to find unexpectedly. That’s just my theory. But, of course, the manager ends up falling in love for the older brother. It was depressing to watch since he was so much in love with the older brother. Akihito ends up picking up the broken piece his brother left behind. And finally a new love was able to flourish. It just sucks that the younger brother ends up having his brother’s sloppy seconds. I say that because the Akihito is trying so hard to get out of his brother shadows. At first, it was hard for him to do so which caused the manager to hesitate. Yet, he was able to over come this and persevere. This was a good read. I like it. Tell me what your thought about this once you’re done reading.

Until next Friday,

Eri E, the Otaku

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