Review: B: The Beginning



B the Beginning

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 12 episodes

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Psychological

Program Creators: Production IG

Subbed / Dubbed: Both sub and dub

Rating: 5/10






Cremona, an archipelago kingdom, has its hands filled when a serial killer have been terrorizing it lately. But this kingdom’s Royal Investigation Service Unit (RIS) has taken the liberty to stop Killer B no matter what. Unexpectedly, a former investigator returns after being away from the crime fighting world for several years now. He goes by the name Keith Flick, a clumsy yet serious genius who helps the RIS attempts to capture Killer B. With little to go with, the RIS realizes that Killer B only kills those who are criminals and leaves his marks behind at every crime scene. Little do they know, Killer B is a God-like human modification who seeking revenge on genetically modified humans named Reggies, who are attempting to resurrect this celestial being known as their king.




B: the Beginning has some pretty interesting character design and animation work. The graphics in this series was very well done for what I’ve viewed. For instance, the way the killings were completed, how each character’s expression fit their personalities, and the sci-fi vehicles that vanish into thin air. I even like the theme they were going with which was like 1950’s meet modernized advance technology. It was the only good quality of the anime all together.




The plot for this anime was by far one of the oddest I’ve ever came across. First of, there was two plots that were simultaneously running together. The first one was investigator attempting to find out who is behind the killings of all these criminals. And the second one was supernatural being trying to find the love of his life while facing battles with other supernatural beings. These two plots would have been prefect if they were on their own. Or if the anime itself was longer. Twelve episode was not enough for these two plots to co-exist. It made the anime very confusing to watch and hard to keep up with. I had to watch the anime twice since I was so lost. I mean coming up with these two plots while attempting to force them to work together in that manner was a bad idea. I really wish they chose one and stuck with one. Then introduce the other plot a little better than what they did.

For instance, if I was the writer I would started off the story with the main character who was looking for the love of his life. I would introduce his background story to the audience by having him haunted by these memories. He constantly feels like he is missing something or someone. The love of his life image will keep replaying in his head but he doesn’t know who she is yet. This is happening every time he lay his head but during night supernatural power would run havoc. Once morning comes, he would wake up confused and covered in blood. And finally, he has the final piece of the puzzle reveal to him through a dream.  From that, his supernatural power are now in sync with his dreams. That is when he realizes his purpose, which is to find and protect the love of his life. Then that is when I would introduce the police investigating the series of killings. I would keep how the second plot the same way the anime did. But the way the two would finally meet would be done differently. For example, I would have had the ‘love story MC’ attempt to kill the ‘investigator main character.’ And the ‘investigator MC’ would introduce himself as the person who is able to help him. Then the work together while the ‘investigator MC’ completes his own agenda. That how I would have done it.



My Opinion

Overall, I really had high hopes for this anime. I can’t say the story was amazing. Nor can I say the story sucked. It just had potential. I really wish the story took its time to unravel. It felt so rushed and left me with a un-satisfy feeling when I finally finished watching it. Dont get me wrong it had moments where the story had a consistent flow to it but then the plots would start clashing causing the whole story to go off course. I honestly thought that this would have been a classic, in my opinion, like FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist) or Death note. But it fell short. All in all, this anime was entertaining to watch as far as the animation element and not the story itself.


Tell me what you guys think. Leave a comment below.

Until next review,

Eri E, the Otaku

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