Review: Talk To Me & An Uncomfortable Truth


Talk To Me

Korean Name: 톡투미

Author’s & Artist Name: Eunbyul

Year released:  2016

Genre: Drama, Romance, Mature

Latest chapters: 77

Status: Ongoing

Raeyim Seol is known as perfection. With a perfect nose, beautiful lips, bright sparkling eyes, and a body like a model, she is truly the purest of all girls. A girl like her would never do anything naughty. Little does the world know, the way she carries herself is a mere facade.

Talk To Me was very entertaining to read. This manhwa is filled with interesting characters, drama, and mature content. I love the artist’s style of drawing and how she was able to create movement throughout the entire manhwa. The story, however, was alright. There wasnt really a plot. I mean it does get interesting towards the end of season three. And, of course, there were moment were I thought the ‘plot’ was going to change course and we were going to get some ‘drama’. But I honestly feel like this manhwa was literally to show how skillful the artist was at drawing sex scenes (LOL). And also, I feel as thought the writer was teaching us a lesson in sex. It was very educational.

My favorite chapter was when Raeyim’s best friend locks her boyfriend outside in the patio. She start strip teasing him on the other side of the glass door. He then threaten her but she was not taking the threats seriously. Miraculously, he was able to get back into the home. And guess what he did?! Showed her who daddy was (LOL). I can’t wait for season four. According to the writer, there’s going to be a lot more sex scene. And this would be the last season. So my advice to you is to start reading now.



An Uncomfortable Truth

Korean Name: 

Author’s & Artist Name: Eerun

Year released:  2017

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Latest chapters: 67

Status: Ongoing

A high school student is under interrogation for a crime he committed hours before. He single handling murdered eight people with a knife. Everyone wants to know why a high school student decided to commit this treacherous crime. Now he tells his story.

An Uncomfortable Truth was another manhwa that was recommended to me. I took the person up on her offer and decided to read. I was quite impressed with this story. I honestly thought this was going to be boring since the artwork did not pique my interest. Yet, the plot of this story tuned out to be very captivating. I was drawn in by the twisted love the main character had for his older brother. And also, the way the main character was treated as a child is what created the demon within him. This story really tugged at my heart-strings as I read each chapter. It is quite an intense story line.


The chapters that took my breath away was the story about the older brother. It was seriously messed up how his best friend at the time betrayed him. The reason behind the betrayal was all because of jealousy. They were not lying when they say jealousy is behind most betrayals. But still, what the best friend did to the older was not fair and a total misunderstanding on his end. I wish the older brother did not have to go through that. I really do recommend this read to those who loves great thriller.


See you soon,

Eri E the Otaku


  1. Thank you for the reviews. I was wondering, in Talk to Me does Raeyim stay with Sae-chan the entire time, or does she leave him/cheat on him? I am interested in the story, but not if they don’t stay together or if there’s cheating involved. Thanks!


    • As far as I’m aware, there’s no cheating involved. Judging from how the author is going with this, I don’t think they would want the favorite couple a not-so-happy ending


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