Review: Nothing Special & Ecsatsy Hearts


Nothing Special

Author’s & Artist Name: Katie Cook

Year released:  2018

Genre: Fantasy

Latest chapters: 29

Status: Ongoing

A young girl name Callie Benson grew up in the magic realm. She had two rules while growing up, 1. Never go passed the gate and 2. Never take off her pendent. She lived her whole life obeying these rule. Now, like any parent would, her father sent her to the human realm to get an education. But Callie was not too fawn over that idea. She didn’t have any human friends, yet mystical creatures in the human realm seems to have a strong attachment to her. Then one day her world was turns upside. Now with the help of her new and only friend from the human realm, Callie has went pass the gate to save the one she loves the most all while finding out the reasons behind these rules.

Nothing Special was really funny. The writer has a sense of humor and it’s showcased throughout the story very well. I love how you also see the type of stuff the writer likes through this web toons, for instance, the star war references. I love how this story was not predictable. I was also curious as to why the writer picked this title. After reading, I fully understood. The main character gets to learn who she is as a person and why her father was so caution about explaining these aspects of her. I also love the art. It’s quirky, entertaining, colorful, and clean. I love how the artist took their time with this work. It’s very pleasing to the eyes.

Finally, My favorite chapter of this story was when she met her new friend in the human realm. He was so exciting in meeting her since he realized that both Callie and him are the same. Now he persuade her to help him with a huge problem that he has back home. And, of course, she follows. Thus creating a new friendship. It’s a very comedic story and I can’t wait for season two. I suggest you start ready now.


Ecstasy Hearts

Author’s & Artist Name: Silent Maru

Year released:  2016

Genre: Romance, Drama, Sports

Latest chapters: 87

Status: Ongoing


At eight years old, the daughter of two former top Tennis players, Anya Shimizu, challenged a pervert to a game of tennis. Why you ask? Well that’s because he believes boys are better at tennis than girls. Now she trains to defeat her rival yet there’s a problem. Her father is his trainer. And her father, who’s been defeated only by her mother, has a new defeat to add to his loser score board. Will she be able to defeat him?

Ecstasy Hearts had THE thickest plot I have ever read in my life. I mean, seriously, where did this writer get the idea of creating a plot around the game tennis. Because of this story, I’m now interested in tennis. I literally learn a lot about the game while reading. Now on the other hand, this story definitely has a crazy amount of family drama; it makes no sense how good it get each chapter. One thing though, the title and the story does not go together but that doesn’t make the story not amazing. Oh! Did I forget to mention, there’s a lot of steamy romance! I live for the love that is slowly revealing itself as the story progress. It truly an intense story. Oh! And another thing, the art is stunning. The artist works really hard on creating these abs on the characters. Oh gawd, now I’m drooling. (LOL)

Lastly, my favorite scene in this web toon is Anya and her rival have a sing off. They went to a karaoke bar and sang against each other. I love how the artist had Anya rival sing one of Bruno Mars’s song. And he had by far one of the best dance moves a comic book character could ever had. It was too cute. If you haven’t done so already, go read this manhwa.

See you soon,

Eri E, the Otaku

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