Review: Sow & Haru No Noroi



Japanese Name:

Author’s & Artist Name: Hyangmulyang & Seupakeu

Year released:  2015

Genre: Action, Mature, Seinen, Drama, Mystery

Latest chapters: 15

Status: Completed

A mystery woman who goes by the name Sow has an interesting hobby. She always find older men that agrees to have sex with her. After the deed has been completed, she tends to invite them over to her home. Captivated by the sex they just had, the men always agrees to her proposal and follows her home. Little do they know what she has in store for them.

Sow was a story with so much potential. The only thing that it has going for itself is the artwork. It was flawlessly done. Honestly, I don’t know if it was badly translated, missing pages, or just that was how the author want the story to be portrayed, but I did not like the story. Judging from what I read as well, it seems as if the plot was basically this woman being a vigilante against men who takes their family for granted by seeking out other women to have sex with. Therefore, she puts herself out there as bait, reel men in, and brutally torture them. Also, this manhwa seems as if it suppose to be a mystery-drama type of manhwa since there is a detective involving himself into this mixture since all these cheating men has gone missing. I don’t know if that truly the plot since it honestly felt like I was reading a book with A LOT of missing pages but this story had potential. If anyone comes across the actual story, please send it my way. I would love to give this story a second chance.

I didn’t really have a favorite chapter but I did enjoy the artwork. It was executed very well. And the sex scene seems very realistic. Other than that, I don’t recommend this story to anyone unless you’re into trying to decipher what the translator translates. But all in all, if you’ve read this story in it truest form send it my way. And if you have not read this story, don’t plan on it.


Haru No Noroi

Haru No Noroi

Japanese Name: 春の呪い; 春的诅咒

Author’s & Artist Name: Konishi Asuka

Year released:  2015

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Josei

Latest chapters: 7

Status: Ongoing

Natsumi loved her sister more than anything in the world. Her younger sister was her world. She wanted nothing but the best for her sister. So she did everything she could to protect her. But Natsumi’s world turn upside when she lost her to cancer. Before she died, her sister had a marriage arrangement. Since the sister is unable to fulfill the arrangement, the once soon to be husband is left to date the next kin in line – Natsumi. However, this arrangement has a few conditions.

Haru No Noroi was quite interesting. The plot of the story is basically Natsumi learning how to cope with the death of her sister all while shying away from love. Honestly, I felt really bad for the sister who ended up dying. She wasn’t able to experience love for long. And to make matters worst, her fiance is now set to marry her sister. I mean I kinda felt from the beginning that Natsumi and the fiance were suppose to be together in the first place. But due to social status, his family chose the younger daughter. It’s a pretty fucked up situation. The artwork is really dope. I love the artist’s style. I wish this was a complete manga since I really want to know what happens.

My favorite chapter is when Natsumi found her sister online diary. She learned how her sister felt during her therapy, and how she dealt with it. Also, she finds out her sister true feelings towards her. This story was quite depressing if you really think about. But it was a great concept that the writer came up with. You guys should definitely check this manga out.


Until Next Review,

Eri E the Otaku

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