Review: Raining Knives & Dark


Raining Knives

Author’s & Artist Name: Moth

Year released: 2017

Genre: Mystery

Latest chapters: 62

Status: Ongoing

Dylan, a twin who was always in his brothers shadows, just did the unthinkable. He murder his brother. Immediately, he was engorged with guilt and attempted everything to forget what happen. But little did he know his brother would have come back into the world; well as a ghost. Now the town police force is investigating the murder all while Dylan pretending to not know who did it. And both himself and his twin brother’s ghost are looking for the culprit who did it. Will his brother’s ghost find his answer? Will he continue to be hunted?

Raining Knives is a pretty interesting read. The title was what caught my attention first. And then, it was the art. I really love the artist style. It’s quite colorful, creative, and pleasing to look at. I also love the plot of the story. I don’t think I’ve ever ran across a story similar to this. I really want to know what goes through an writer’s mind when concepts are created like this. I, myself, still wonder how I came up with my own book that I’m currently writing. But again it’s really a great read.

The chapter that caught my eye the most was when his brother’s ghost confronts him about the death. The way the artist symbolically created an image where the voices within Dylan is making him go around in circles. That chapter is practically insinuating that the main character is going crazy. I would to if I ever killed one of my siblings. The artist definitely did an amazing job when they created this scene. I definitely recommend this story for mystery reading lovers.





Author’s & Artist Name: Ameawrites

Year released: 2017

Genre: Mystery

Latest chapters: 8

Status: Ongoing

Wintry was only trying to get home during a cold winter evening. But, she got lost as the snow grew thicker. Evidently, she stumble upon a group of teens who were up to no good. When her hideout was revealed, they chased her down; however, she manage to escape. She thought that was the end of things, but little did she know that these teens were plotting against her. She was taken against her will to a never before seen world. And now she is being interrogated without the ability to escape from their grasp. What will Wintry do?

Dark was not what I excepted. This is a novel, so there’s no pictures. But all and all, It was quite disappointing. It really had potential but with all the grammatical errors and confusing plot, it left me a bit confused and unsatisfied with what I allowed myself to read. I really wish the author sat down and thought this though. I felt like it was a bit rushed and the author tried everything to create cliffhangers. It really was not a great read. But I kinda of have faith in the author. I’m going to see this story until the end since I honestly want to know how this will play out but I really did not enjoy this read. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.


Until Next review,

Eri E the Otaku

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