Review: Escape Devildom & Doridosim

Escape Devildom

Escape Devildom

Korean Name: 마계탈출록

Author’s & Artist Name: Moomen

Year released: 2017

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Latest chapters: 35

Status: Ongoing

For thousand of years, the demon realm and the human realm have been battling. Both realm made it clear that there will never be harmony amongst each other, therefore, if path ever cross, it will definitely lead to death. Yet, little did the demons know that their king is a mere mortal. Merlin, the new demon king, now has to pretend that he is indeed the original demon king without anyone finding out. If he can not succeed his part of the deal, his brother will surely die. How long will Merlin be able to hold on to this act?

Escape Devildom is a pretty cool story. This one definitely kept my attention while I read each chapter. I love the concept of the demon world and magic. I really want to know if the main character is going to succeed in keeping up with his act. There are too many risk factors and I honestly think he’s not going to be successful. Again, we will see once the story ends. I wish some production team would make an anime out of this. I believe the battles would be incredibly awesome on the screen. Speaking of which, the artwork is pretty amazing too. It clean and colorful. And I like how all the characters have differently skin color. It made the character have pizzazz.

My favorite scene is where Merlin is battling Pyros. Pryos immediately started this fight since he hates the Devil King so much. Now the Devil King is very strong and ruthless. So, Merlin has to portray that without getting caught. He succeeded, of course, but I felt like that was all because of Pyros was being blinded by anger and Merlin outwitting him with his smart. It was pretty cool action scene. I suggest you give this manhwa a read to see for yourself.



Korean Name:

Author’s & Artist Name: Lee Gpiee

Year released: 2016

Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life

Latest chapters: 73

Status: Ongoing

Kang Dol, an average college student, has the hugest crush on the kind, cute, sweet Yang Yang. The only one that knows this is his best friend. But with the help of liquid courage, Dol was able to finally tell his crush that he likes her. Though, he confessed while his back was turned, he finally felt relief. All he waits for is her answer. When he finally turned around, he realized he confessed to the wrong girl. That girl was Yang Yang’s roommate. Now he’s in deep trouble as he plays along with the wrong confessed to girl and becomes her boyfriend. How will these turn of events proceed?

Doridosim is a ‘by mistake’ type of love story. The plot was definitely realistic since this seems like something that would happen in real life. I love the whole college scene with romance being created out of thin air and emotions unraveling as the drama progresses. It’s really refreshing to read something that is related to everyday life. Also, the artwork is very quirky but cute. I love how the expression the artist created for these characters are very amusing to look at. Seriously, I can’t get enough of this story.

My favorite chapter is when he finally falls for the roommate but it was already too late. Now he is trying his hardest to get back with her. That scene really spoke to me. It got me thinking that people really don’t realize that they had something or someone good until they lose it. And their reason why they end up letting it go is because they feel as if it’s too good to be true. That really is reality in its truest form. Anyways, if you have not done so yet, go and start reading this manhwa.

See you next review,

Eri E the Otaku

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