Review: SWORDGAI the Animation


SWORDGAI the Animation

Season(s) / Episodes: Season 1 / 12 episodes

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Seinen

Program Creators: Production IG, DLE

Subbed / Dubbed: Both sub and dub

Rating: 7/10





In modern-day Japan, there resides legendary cursed weapons that will bond with humans who seeks power when they are at their darkest point in life. Once these bonds are sealed, these legendary weapons consumes the soul of the weak vessel that wields them and commits vast destruction. Those who are consumed by these weapons are known as Busomas. However, the strong vessels who seals a bond with these weapons are able to wield them at their own will. Those who are strong works for a organization called Shohidai. Thus, members of Shohidai vow to collect all other cursed weapons that has not found a vessel to take over and destroy all the one who has taken over a vessel. Meanwhile, a pregnant women came in to contact with a cursed weapon named Shiryu. Before she allowed herself to be consumed by the weapon, she gave birth to a newborn, and then committed suicide. Along with the cursed weapon his mother had, the newborn was found by a weapon-smith in the wood. The weapon-smith took both the child and sword to raise him as his own as well as quieting the sword’s blood lust. The boy, who grew to be known as Gai, is forever linked to Shiryu as he loses his arm during a quieting ritual for the cursed weapons. Thus creating an arm made out of Shiryu being given to Gai as his protector.




The art design was quite vivid and bold. There were a mixture been 3-D elements which I enjoyed a lot. The character designs were interesting. By this I mean, some odd the characters that were created didn’t fit the personality that was given to them. To me, it just did not pair well together. I was not amused by it honestly. Overall, the artist did a great job with not over doing the 3-D element pf this anime and a great job with the artwork itself. It was very appealing to look at while listening to the story that about to unfold.




The plot for this anime starts off where it revolves around Gai. Of course, before introducing Gai to us, they give a prologue of whats going on with this world. which is the world has a bunch of cursed weapons that wants a weak owner to wield them so the weapon can wreak havoc. From that point, it actually reeled me in. Then it tells a story pf how Gai was born and now is in this weird relationship with Shiryu – a cursed weapon. Still I am interested, therefore, I continue watching. Towards the end, it lost me. They ended up giving a few episodes that were unnecessary but I guess It was a need for it. I have not found it yet. If you do, please let me know. However, that did not make me stop watching. The story also started to get a better until they ended it with the biggest cliffhanger known to man. I hated how it ended but I’m assuming there is going to be a second season. I am really hoping for it since there is a lot of questions that needs to be answered. All in all, I appreciated the writer to sticking to one plot. It was easy to understand, quite entertaining to watch, and there was really a point where it made me feel like I want to stop watching this. It truly was an amazing storyline and I’m looking forward to watching more.




My Opinion

All and all, this story made up for what I recently watched from Netflix’s anime category. It was refreshing to watch. The artwork was captivating. The story was clean and straight to the point. And I loved how it didn’t make me want to stop watching it. I’m actually planning on reading the manga as well. This anime series was just amazing. I loved it.


So it’s your turn; Tell me what you guys think. Leave a comment below.

Until next review,

Eri E, the Otaku

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