Review: ParaZycle & Unlovable Replacement



Author’s & Artist Name: Magnolia

Year released: 2017

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Latest chapters: 4

Status: Ongoing

Due to a parasite that decomposes a human organs, humans lifespan has been shorten to thirty years. Colin, a young teen who’s only in high school, has decided to make a purchase through the black market. Why, you ask? Well his mother is in dire need of a pair of lungs and he will do anything to get them for her. He want nothing more than to not suffer alone in this horrendous world. However, there’s one catch. Once you purchase organs from the black market, you will have to fight for your own flesh and blood.

ParaZycle immediately caught my attention when I saw the cover art. It was absolutely stunning. I can tell the artist put their blood and sweat in to creating the cover art alone. And once, I finally click chapter one to read it, I was speechless. The artwork was breath-taking. It’s so well detailed, so well-organized and everything is extremely detectable, I was just impressed. It was just so amazing. On the other hand, the story is a bit, just a tad-bit, confusing. Theres a lot of jumping around from past and present for it to only be a couple of chapters in. But that is not going to stop me from reading. The reason being is because it is still an interesting story. Reading those current chapters left me with a huge amount of questions that I really want to be answered. I can’t wait until this comic continue to progress into the near future because honestly speaking, this story has quite an interesting plot.

As far as my favorite chapter, I don’t have one as of yet since this is still in the works. But I do want to say this, I love, love, LOVE the artwork. It’s extremely creative and the artist knows exactly what they are doing. I seriously can not wait for more. I definitely recommend this to everyone, especially the one’s who like thriller.



Unlovable Replacement

Unlovable Replacement

Author’s & Artist Name: Nylana

Year released: 2016

Genre: Romance, Drama

Latest chapters: 33

Status: Ongoing

Chiko Dyer recently got broken up with. Before his ex-girlfriend broke up with him, he vowed that he will find someone better than her. However, a week past and he has not found anyone. Now she’s coming over to return some of his stuff. Naturally, Chiko did exactly what any human being would do when their ex is coming over. He started freaking out. He immediately came up with a plan once his pizza delivery came to the door before his ex came over. Thus this started a weird relationship between him and the delivery girl.

Unlovable Replacement has a pretty promising plot. Even though it’s taking its time to get the actual plot, I like how the characters makes the comic come alive since they have so much personality. I honestly could careless for the story at this point. But back to the characters, they are very funny and flirtatious. I love how it feels like I’m watching an actual reality show or anime that’s quite entertaining. I can’t wait for the plot to finally reveal itself. On the other hand, the artwork is okay. It’s readable and your able to tell who’s who. I like the artist style.

My favorite chapter is when we were introduce to the delivery girl back story. That part of the comic definitely reeled me in. Maybe it’s because she is my favorite in this comic. She very entertaining to watch and she genuinely has an amazing personality. If she was real, we would definitely be friends. All in all, I would recommend this to others.

See You Next Time,

Eri E the Otaku

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