Review: Third Shift Society & Lost and Found

Third Shift Society.png

Third Shift Society

Author’s & Artist Name: Meredith Moriarty

Year released:  2016

Genre: Action, Supernatural

Latest chapters: 36

Status: Ongoing

Ellie, a college dropout, is struggling to find her place in the world. She’s been in and out of jobs lately and can not get a break. Until one day, when she was walking home from being fired, Ellie came across a fight. However, it was not your ordinary fight. Supernatural beings came flying from a near by building causing Ellie to react when one of the beings were losing. That was when she discovered powers she never knew she had. Now the pumpkin head supernatural being, Ichabod, thanked and introduce himself to her all while offering her a job in that field. Thus started the paranormal investigators duo.

Dude, Third Shift Society is so AWESOME! I want a physical copy of this comic book. It literally has all my favorite types of genre in one. It’s such a cool concept. I faithfully read chapter that comes out. Seriously, I can’t wait until this story have a long-term plot too. By this I mean, currently, it seems as if there’s going to be a series of side stories until it gets to the actual big event where something really bad happens to one of the main characters. Dont get me wrong, I love the side stories; they are absolutely entertaining but I’m really, really looking forward to the main plot. Also, I absolutely love the artwork. It’s very vibrant, bold, and clean. Everything about this comic book is so amazing. I just love it.

My favorite chapter so far is where we watch Ellie learning about her powers and how to control it. She practically almost burn down her apartment. It was just too hilarious for words. Again, I can’t wait for more of this comic; if you have not done so already, you should definitely give this one a read.



Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Author’s & Artist Name: Amapora & Tosuto

Year released:  2017

Genre: Romance, Drama

Latest chapters: 22

Status: Ongoing

Jade’s heart was shattered in to millions when she found out some devastating news. The person she’s in love with just broke up with her. And to make matters worst, he is her childhood friend who she never been separated from. Now confused and alone, she found herself in a local park trying to figure out what to do with herself. While there, she meets a stranger who was willing to listen to her story. He invites her over to his home for the night. And from there, her interest towards him grew. Has she found new love?

I like this story line a lot. I find it very interesting and compelling. Even though this is some what a common plot, It still has this mystery vibe going on. I really want to know Nathan’s deal. He’s Jade’s new interest. I feel like his side story seems as if it will be very interesting. However, the whole story itself is still unraveling but I’m patient enough to wait. I love the artist style, of course. It’s cute and clean. And it’s very easy to read. I seriously can not wait for more.

My favorite chapter so far is when Jade finally made the move on Nathan. And they have very intense sex. But then the next morning, Nathan friendzoned Jade so smooth. I was definitely upset but I still want more since I really need to know what Nathan’s deal is. Seriously, why would he reject this gorgeous chick. Is he afraid of getting hurt? Did someone do some fucked up stuff to him? Is he gay too? Like what is it! Ughhhhhh!  (LOL) Just go give this one a read. You’ll understand my frustration.


Until Next Time,

Eri E the Otaku

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