Recommendation: Osananajimi ga Do M de Tsundere Nan Desu ga


Osananajimi ga Do M de Tsundere Nan Desu ga

Japanese Name:  幼なじみがドMでツンデレなんですが

Author’s & Artist Name: Nobana Saori

Year released:  2016

Genre: Yaoi, Romance

Latest chapters: 6

Status: Completed

Suzume, a former delinquent turn salary men, is a maniacal masochist uke. Every night he brings new men home to have relentless sex with, yet never have more than sex with them. He finds falling in love quite troubling. Little did he know what would happen when he finally meets his match. His next door neighbor finally confessed to him (although he already knew) and now they are dating. However, his neighbor has to make Suzume fall in love with him. Will his neighbor be able to succeed?

Osananajimi ga Do M de Tsundere Nan Desu ga was very enjoyable to read. The plot was very simple and the artwork was very clean. Its one of my favorite reads. I love how Suzume is a tsundere, yet Momo is still attracted to him. It amazes me how Suzume never moved from where he stayed knowing that the kid next door has a huge crush on him. And it also amazed me how he would deliberately taunt him by continuously have loud and intense sex knowing Momo’s room was right next door to his. I felt like he really was attracted to Momo but couldn’t accept those feelings since he does not know how to love nor want to deal with learning how. It was really cute watching Suzume go crazy for Momo too. Again, this was such a great read. Let me know what you guys think. Leave a comment below.

See you Next Friday,

Eri E the Otaku




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